SMD LEDs ( Surface Mounted Device ) Technology

SMD LEDs (Surface Mounted Device)

Wired LEDs usually feature an effective metal reflector formed from one lead, while SMD LEDs mostly don't. Depending on the respective application, SMD LEDs are available in a great number of different shapes and sizes.

Among others, multi-colour LEDs are available as SMD components, combining a number of LED chips mounted in a shell. The LED chips can be controlled seperately.

SMD LEDs ( Surface Mounted Device )

SMD means in german: Oberflächen montierbares Bauelement oder Bauelement für die Oberflächenmontage.

SMD LEDs possess not as the wired LED small wire connections, caled pins, but by means of solderable mating surfaces are soldered directly on the printed circuit board. Who does not use a printed circuit board, can naturally also wire connections on the mating surfaces solder.

Several SMD LEDs in summary, find nowadays with LED SPOTS, LED tubes and LED modules application.

SMD LED are made in different sizes, shapes of the housing and light-current strengths. By the enormous luminosity of some SMD LED, with which usually 3 or 4 semiconductor crystals are embedded in a SMD LED, they are used as flashlight LED in mobile phones or very compact digital cameras. Also in the automobile industry SMD LED are used for turn signals, stop light or daily headlight. SMD LEDs are produced in all colors also in RGB (RED, GREEN, BLUE).


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