How to install led light tube t8 t10 retrofit tubes

Step 1. Unpack the product:

  • Unpack and carefully examine the product from top to bottom.
  • Report any damage and save all packing materials, if any part was damaged during transport.
  • Do not attempt to use this product, if it is damaged.

Step 2. Planning the installation:

  • This device installation requires planning to ensure
  • successful installation with minimal complications and down time.

Step 3. User responsibilities:

  • It is the responsibility of the contractor, installer, purchaser,
  • owner, and user to install, maintain, and operate the device in such a manner as to comply with
  • all state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.

Step 4. Product installation steps:

  • Disconnect power to fixture at source. DO NOT SIMPLY SWITCH OFF FIXTURE
  • Remove existing fluorescent tubes and safely set aside.
  • Disconnect (cut) wires to ballast leaving enough wire to be tied off with wire nuts.
  • Tie-off remaining wires attached to ballast with wire nuts.
  • See wiring diagram shown on reverse for your type lamp fixture (i.e., 1-bulb, 2-bulb, 4-bulb and etc.) and re-wire fixture.
  • Install Aladdin LED Retrofit Tube(s) into fixture.
  • Affix included warning labels to fixtures near lamp connection/sockets of fixture so they are visible to bulb installers.
  • Re-connect power supply and turn on switch. Tube will light.

Risk of fire or electric shock. Install the LED T8 T10 retrofit LED tubes only in luminaires that have the construction features and dimensions shown in the photographs and/or drawings shown on reverse of this sheet.


  • Please read and follow these instructions before installation.
  • Install the tube by qualified electrician and technican.
  • Consult the competent electrician if you have any uncertainty about the installation or the use of the product.
  • Do not impact the tube and all its components by any external weight or mechanical force.
  • Do not use harp tools near or on the surace of the tube.
  • Hands must be dry during installation.
  • Switch off the power before installation.
  • Make sure the base is mounted on a stable. even and secure surface.
  • Beware of electic shock when replacing tube.
  • Use or store the tubes in dry places. if the tube are used for outdoor application. waterproof holders and covers are needed.
  • Replace the tube immediately if you find any leakage or damage on the tube.
  • Stop use and replace if the product becomes dim,out of order or begins to blink.
  • Of failure occurs do not attempt to repair product.
  • This is not a dimmable product . do not use with dimmers.


  • NOTE: This user guide is intended to be used as a reference only. Installation should be done by a fully qualified
  • electrician or technician. This document should never be considered as a substitute for any provision of a regulation or
  • state and/or local code. Please read the entire user guide to fully understand and safely use this product.

LED Light Tube T8 T10 Installation:

1/. Without Ballast and starter

  • Directly connect the wires as shown in diagram I. join either A or B, or A & B together with the "Live" wire. join either C or D, or C & D together with the "Neutral" wire.
  • Install the t8 LED tube on the bracket.

2/. With Electronic Ballast

  • Take off the fluorescent tube.
  • Cut the wire as shown on the dotted line of the diagram(2b).
  • Bypass the ballast and remove the starter (if any) within the bracket.
  • Reconnect the wires sa shown. join either A or B, or A & B together with the "Live" wire. join either C or D, or C & D together with the "Neutral" wire.
  • Install the T8 LED Tube on the Bracket.


(See detailed written instuctions reverse side)


LED Tube Light T5 Installation

  • Disconnect the power before installation to ensure that outside.
  • The installation as shown below: install two clips, T5 Fixture clamping directly on the clip connecting T5 Fixture.
  • Plug the power cord can be connected to electricity.
  • To replace the lamp, the lamp will be rotated 90° to take off or install up, pay attention to T5 lamp, the negative electrode must correspond to Support the positive and negative.

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