Traditional Alum plate with 2 layers of Epoxy and heat-conducting glue solves the problem of insulation. However, it also increases value of thermal resistance and partly affects lamps lifespan and safety.

Ceramic plate to replace Alum cuts down the process of Epoxy and heat-conducting glue, achieving a better performance at heat dissipation. Low thermal resistance, low temp increasing. LED lamps lifespan is highly improved.

Why Ceramic Encapsulation?

Ceramic plate consists of 99% Aloxite with function of insulativity as well as heat conduction.

Meanwhile, its own rigidity and anti-corrosion is in full compliance with RoHS requirement.

Functionally, it reaches 7 featured advantages.

1) Low lumen decay; 2) Safer use; 3) More environment; 4)Long lifespan;

5)Flexible application; 6) More energy saving; 7)Higher LM/W;

Without processes of Epoxy layer and heat-conducting glue, Ceramics stands out by its low cost and better performance.

ALADDIN are launching whole series of indoor LED lamp by Ceramic LED module, as bulb, spot, panel light, downlight, PL G24 etc. Finished products have spec of 80CRI 100-110LM/W .Original Epoxy layer causing insufficient heat dissipation is perfectly solved. ...More

MCOB LED Light Engine Core

With the system "Multi Cups / chip on board", the low-power chips are arranged in a specific gradation and covered... More

ODM/OEM Service

Customlzed XCOB Design on ceramic

What if you have preferred

LED module, not exiting wattage

not exiting 6 cup – chip packing?

Aladdin is able to assist with different cup quantity encapsulation.

Like 3 cups? ...More

Press releases

2014, MCOB strip in 2ft 4ft 5ft available.One-time packing. No dead LEDs. Light is evenly spread out. More...

In March 2014 , Aladdin unveiled its latest - MCOB of LED Ceramic Substrate Light SourceMore...